The Festival

The Festival

Born in 2000 Fiaticorti is the longest-running film festival in the province of Treviso and one of the first national festivals dedicated to short films.
The Festival is organized and supported by the Municipality of Istrana (TV) and designed by a group of young people under 30.

Comune di Istrana

Festival Fiaticorti

Fiaticorti stands out for its identity that recalls the film clubs from the Seventies, for the attention it gives to the territory in which it was born - the Veneto region - dedicating to it a special section of the festival and for the strong internationalization developed in recent years.


The Festival works with other events taking place in the Veneto region: the Vincenzoni Award in Treviso and the Viaggiatore Festival in Asolo. Moreover, in 2017 it took part to Fotogrammi veneti - i giovani raccontano, a project promoted by the Municipalities of Quinto, Istrana, Paese and Morgano in the province of Treviso and financed by the Veneto Region for the realization of a series of short films focusing on Veneto. In particular with "Ciak si gira" some courses for young people in the area have been organized with the participation of the artistic director of Fiaticorti, Bartolo Ayroldi Sagarriga.